Old photos of San Antonio, Texas
Coat of arms of San Antonio

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History of city San Antonio, Texas in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: May 1, 1718


Population: 1 436 697


San Antonio. City market, circa 1905
City market, circa 1905
San Antonio. Market on Military Plaza, 1887
Market on Military Plaza, 1887
San Antonio. New Post Office, circa 1930-40s
New Post Office, circa 1930-40s
San Antonio. Olmos Dam, circa 1928
Olmos Dam, circa 1928
San Antonio. Sixteen year old messenger boy
Sixteen year old messenger boy entering "crib" in Red Light district
San Antonio. The Alamo
The Alamo
San Antonio. Theodore Roosevelt in 1898
Theodore Roosevelt, Leonard Wood, and Alexander Brodie in 1898
San Antonio. Theodore Roosevelt on horseback
Theodore Roosevelt on horseback in front of church during the Spanish-American War

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