Old photos of Bridgeport, Connecticut

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History of city Bridgeport, Connecticut in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1821


Population: 144 229


Bridgeport. Yacht Club, 1908
Bridgeport Yacht Club, 1908
Bridgeport. Bryant Electric Company
Bryant Electric Company, 1421 State Street
Bridgeport. Panorama of the city, 1917
Panorama of the city, 1917
Bridgeport. Panorama of the East End, 1909
Panorama of the East End, 1909
Bridgeport. Remington workers
Remington workers, between 1910 and 1915
Bridgeport. Spanish Cannon, 1909
Spanish Cannon at Sea Side Park, 1909
Bridgeport. The Barnum Museum, 1980
The Barnum Museum, 1980
Bridgeport. The Wheeler memorial fountain, 1914
The Wheeler memorial fountain, 1914

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