Old photos of Brownsville, Texas

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History of city Brownsville, Texas in photos

A small historical reference


Settled: 1848


Population: 180 097


Brownsville. Belmont Avenue, 1939
Belmont Avenue, Pushcart Market, 1939
Brownsville. Children's parade, Charro Days, 1942
Children's parade, Charro Days, 1942
Brownsville. Cotton weighing, 1936
Cotton weighing near Brownsville, Aug, 1936
Brownsville. Downtown, 1950-60s
Downtown Levee Street, 1950-60s
Brownsville. First iron bridge, 1910
First iron bridge in the United States, 1910
Brownsville. Mexican side, 1866
Mexican side, pontoon bridge over Rio Grande River, 1866
Brownsville. Panorama of the city, 1865
Panorama of the city, 1865
Brownsville. View of Levee Street, 1866
View of Levee Street from the pontoon bridge across the Rio Grande River, 1866

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