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A small historical reference

History: Corpus Christi was founded in 1839 by Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney and William P. Aubrey as Kinney's Trading Post, or Kinney's Ranch. It was a small trading post that sold supplies to a Mexican revolutionary army camped about 25 mi (40 km) west. In July 1845, U.S. troops commanded by General Zachary Taylor set up camp there in preparation for war with Mexico, where they remained until March 1846. About a year later, the settlement was named Corpus Christi and was incorporated on 9 September 1852. (Wiki)

Date of foundation: 1839

Population: 316 381

Sights: Named for Body of Christ

Corpus Christi. First Methodist Church
First Methodist Church
Corpus Christi. Looking East from Bluff, 1934
Looking East from Bluff, 1934
Corpus Christi. Secondhand furniture store, 1939
Secondhand furniture store, February, 1939
Corpus Christi. Stores in North Beach, 1939
Stores in North Beach tourist district, February, 1939
Corpus Christi. Street in North Beach, 1939
Street in North Beach district, February, 1939
Corpus Christi. The Cathedral
The Cathedral
Corpus Christi. The flood, 1920
The flood. At south of Kennedy Hospital looking toward bay, January, 1920
Corpus Christi. Upper and Lower Broadway
Upper and Lower Broadway, between 1930 and 1940

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