Old photos of El Paso, Texas
Flag of El Paso

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History of city El Paso, Texas in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1680


Population: 672 538


El Paso. El Paso Street, 1903
El Paso Street, 1903
El Paso. Franklin Canal, 1914
Franklin Canal, Mexican dam is seen across river, March, 1914
El Paso. Free Public Library, 1909
Free Public Library, 1909
El Paso. Mexican church, 1907
Mexican church at the smelter, 1907
El Paso. Panorama of Street
Panorama of Street. Along the Sunset Route
El Paso. Roosevelt's reception, 1911
Roosevelt's reception at El Paso, March 20, 1911
El Paso. Sunday in the plaza
Sunday in the plaza
El Paso. US Customs, 1937
US Customs, residents at plant quarantine station, May, 1937

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