Old photos of Greensboro, North Carolina
Seal of Greensboro

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History of city Greensboro, North Carolina in photos

A small historical reference


Date of foundation: 1808


Population: 279 639


Greensboro. 1st - Davidson, 1905
1st - Davidson, 2nd - Nash Arches, Guilford Battle Ground, 1905
Greensboro. Court House and Post Office
Court House and Post Office, between 1900 and 1910
Greensboro. Elks' Building, 1920
Elks' Building, 1920
Greensboro. First Presbyterian Church, 1932
First Presbyterian Church, 1932
Greensboro. O. Henry Hotel
O. Henry Hotel, North Elm and Bellemeade Streets
Greensboro. Summit Avenue, 1911
Summit Avenue, looking West, 1911
Greensboro. Traffic cop, 1938
Traffic cop, April, 1938
Greensboro. White Oak Cotton Mills, 1912
White Oak Cotton Mills - housing conditions, October, 1912

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