Old photos of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Flag of Milwaukee

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History of city Milwaukee, Wisconsin in photos

A small historical reference


Incorporated: January 31, 1846


Population: 594 833


Milwaukee. City Hall, circa 1900
City Hall, circa 1900
Milwaukee. Pabst brewery, circa 1900
Pabst brewery, Avenue of the Beer-Wagons, circa 1900
Milwaukee. Wisconsin Street, circa 1900
Wisconsin Street and Pabst Building, circa 1900
Milwaukee. Chicago & Milwaukee tracks, April 1936
Chicago and Milwaukee tracks. Housing alongside electric railroad, April 1936
Milwaukee. Exterior of house, April 1936
Exterior of house at 912 North 8th Street, April 1936
Milwaukee. Group of houses, April 1936
Group of houses in 600 block on East Detroit Street, April 1936
Milwaukee. House, April 1936
House at 437 North Jackson Street, April 1936
Milwaukee. Houses, April 1936
Houses at Detroit and Van Buren streets near the electric railroad, April 1936

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