Old photos of Seattle, Washington
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History of city Seattle, Washington in photos

A small historical reference


Incorporated: December 2, 1869


Population: 608 660


Seattle. A ship Monongahela, passing under Aurora Bridge, 1931
A ship Monongahela, passing under Aurora Bridge, 1931
Seattle. Car headed northbound, 1932
Car headed northbound at north end of Aurora Bridge, 1932
Seattle. Fire Department Headquarters
Fire Department Headquarters
Seattle. First street car, 1884
First street car turning from Occidental Avenue to Yesler Way, 1884
Seattle. Large crowd, 1908
Large crowd on 2nd Avenue and Virginia Street, U.S. Atlantic Fleet Day. May 26, 1908
Seattle. L.C. Smith Building, 1914
L.C. Smith Building (Pioneer Building), 1914
Seattle. Second Avenue, July 1889
Second Avenue and Marion Street, July 1889
Seattle. Second Avenue, 1904
Second Avenue and Yesler Way, 1904

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